Musara and Company Steel Branches Zimbabwe |Steel products suppliers
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Our Branches

Musara and Company Steel Branches


Unit 3 Magaba, Siyaso Complex, Mbare



10379 Western  Triangle



Shop 56, Green Market



7 Industrial Street



8281 Mutapa


Our Branches provide all the quality services and products which have made Musara and Company Steel a household name. Having established our business in Harare, we soon realised that it is not only Harare which needs our quality products. We have therefore embarked on a policy of rolling our branches throughout Zimbabwe. Currently we have established a far reaching branch network and are still growing it. The products and services you get are of the same quality despite the branch you opt to use.

Lower costs

When you purchase from a branch near you , you can achieve significant cost savings by reducing the transportation costs for your steel products. Because all our products are manufactured from our highly equipped workshop in Harare, you are assured of the same good quality which Musara and Company Steel is known for. By delivering products in bulk to all the branches we achieve cost savings which we pass on to you our customers. Rather than having an individual order transported from the workshop, we supply all the products to our branches in one shipment, thus reducing the costs.

Product range

All our branches stock the entire range of steel products. If it is not there by the time you get there it will be supplied from our workshop at no extra cost to you. It will be just like you are buying direct from Harare.

Consistent Pricing

We bring Harare prices to your location. Our branches have the same pricing model and prices. Whichever of our branches you visit you get the same service, same quality and same prices. Our vision as Musara and company is to help everyone in Zimbabwe to get affordable steel products regardless of location.

Musara and Company Steel Branches in Zimbabwe