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Introducing the new normal.

If you have just started a building project either for a new home or just mere renovations for your current home, one of the things you might be redoing are the doors. Tradition would seem to dictate that you have wooden doors installed. Before you do so, however, stop and think for a minute. A rational decision would dictate that one has to browse the modern steel door catalog at Musara and Company. Yes! Steel doors can be expensive if you decide to install them throughout your home. Therefore, it is more advisable to use them for the front and rear entrances where security matters the most. This way you have doors that are tamper-proof and can also handle the heavier weights of the heavier locks. The same rational applies to steel doors too.

While wooden doors may come cheaper than steel doors, they are not a long term deal. You’ll end up spending more on the re-dos and corrections. This is where we come in as Musara and Company. We that our products are there not only to provide the needed assurance of security, we move towards beautifying your property too. As Musara and Company, we have moved away from the ordinary gates and steel doors. The modern steel doors and panels in stock are a clear statement of creativity and innovation at all our manufacturing units. Currently there are 7 gate panel designs and at least 6 door panel designs. All these panels are new to the local market and have actually shaken the whole construction industry.

With regards to gate panels, they require an artstic engineer or welder who has a sense of class and creativity. One can use our panels to design both sliding gates and modern swing gates. However, it should be acknowledged that the higher and longer the gate, the more the weight. Generally, the balance of the gate is enhanced by placement of beams either sides. The majority of our product range can be used effectively together to produce a magnificent door and gate designs. This stretches from IBR and corrugated sheets to flat sheets. The choice of the desired type or design depends on the budget at hand. In order to produce the most visually impressive outlook, the welder can forge spikes and steel ornaments. Coating is very critical in application of the final touch. It provides a desired level of visual impressiveness.

By nature, steel doors also come with its advantages which will be summarized as follows:

  • Provides security to areas with limited access like safes, storerooms, shop main entrances, warehouse e.t.c.
  • Cannot be easily budged or tempered with
  • Its sustainable and durable
  • When properly coated, it is highly resistant to oxidation
  • Can be used in areas characterized by high temperatures

It is our culture at Musara and Company to accommodate customer needs and desired specifications before commencement of any job. However, we make it a must also that we share our professional know-how and knowledge to all customers to their delight. This helps both parties in coming up with a neat job. For inspiration and some innovative designs on both doors and gate panels, kindly visit us at any of our branches nation-wide. Alternatively, visit our facebook page, Musara and Company or website, all products on offer are enlisted on the provided product catalogue on all the aforementioned platforms. With Musara and Company, you will never go wrong. We don’t compromise on quality.

Musara and Company…..ITS STILL STEEL!

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