About Musara and Company Steel Zimbabwe| Its still steel
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About Us

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Fadebuck Investments publicly trading as Musara and Company Steel is a renowned name in Zimbabwe specifically in steel importation and manufacturing of specific related products since 2007 . It has transformed a long way from its origin, from a merely owned family owned business to competitive entity with professional fundamentals guiding the business. Now the company houses at least 35 employees who are either directly contracted or indirectly involved in the operations of the company. Musara and Company is a sales and managing house for steel fabricated material like steel doors, sub- assembly door frames and all window fittings. In addition the company also boasts of a wide range of tools and industrial machinery and both coordinated and reliable network of workshops (both specialist and general). In terms of importation of goods and services, we have developed a coordinated line of supply from well renowned players in steel industry notably from South Africa. These supply lines have opened resourceful access to various supplies for all type of roofing sheets, flat sheets (from galvanized to Hot rolled and Cold rolled) and other related products like wire products, welding rods and accessories of high quality. As a result we are able to process all types of sheet fabrication and maintain a reliable supply line to our customers and related stakeholders.
Through shared hard work, commitment and determination of our Directors and employees Musara and Company Steel has come to this position. One characteristic that can be found among all individuals involved with Musara and Company Steel is the zeal to achieve excellence in spite of the resources available. This purse of excellence gives us the energy to provide excellent quality, shorter lead time and superb delivery for our valued customer. Its also maintain the quality of our products in a proper time with a right procedure that operates within the framework of the laws of Zimbabwe.


Our Vision, Our Mission and Our Core Values summarize our character.


To be a leader in fabricated steel business, providing the “best in class” products, services and value to our customers and related stakeholders.


Musara and Company dedicates itself to quality assurance and dependability and assurance of sustainable service provision.

Core Values

• Team Work
• Velocity
• Collaboration
• Respect
• Passion
• Inspire


Musara and Company Steel workshops always execute the orders as per the buyer’s requirement for steel products in Zimbabwe. The workshops hold the quality, quantity and on time delivery under the supervision of the workshop supervisor and recommendations of the marketing coordinator.

  • Environment

  • The factory contains hygienic situation. So every stuff & worker can do work on 8 am to 5 pm safely. The workshop houses an experienced and trained first aid operative and is always present during working hours.
  • Quantity Maintenance

  • All operations are guided by the Standard Association of Zimbabwe frameworks. Other quantities may be accepted upon request.
  • Samples

  • As per every order samples will be provided free of cost. Our factory can maintain proper communication to approve the sample. Maximum 7-10 days are very enough to make the sample.
  • Standard Of Quality Controlling Content

  • After receiving the order our own Quality Controller always, attend to supervise & maintain the quality. On the other hand, Buying House provided Quality Controller supervise properly & find out the fault. Then we all check the quality cooperatively. Our production quality depends on the time frame provided. Finally, we inform the Buyer’s delegate to check the pre-shipment quality.
  • Delivery Terms And Conditions Content

  • Delivery time depends on the date of receiving the order from the customer and the size of the order. On the other hand, the order confirmation dates are set in consensus with the order placer.
  • Transportation of imported goods and Necessary documents

  • The onus of transportation of goods and products we import lies on us and the transporter. The legal authority will provide all necessary documents at the same time of shipment from country of origin. That document is as follows:
    1. Export Certificate 2. Export License 3. GSP Certificate and border clearance certificates. And all other related doc’s

We work closely with you