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Musara and Company is privately owned business that specialize in steel manufacturing and fabrication. We also are also into supplying and distribution of steel related products. Being a legal entity, we are guided by the laws of Zimbabwe that regulates business transactions, trade and commerce. What pushes Musara and Company team is the desire to dominate the steel industry in Zimbabwe and neighboring nations.

Our core values include integrity, honesty and efficiency. From these cores are born the principles of time consciousness and a sense of belonging. This manifests in how we deal with our operational staff, management and related stakeholders. The same principles are shared with our customers, partners and the parent ministry.

The operations at our branches, workshops and outlets are designed and managed by the Directors in unison with the management. This allows for cohesion and collaboration. In that regard, we have a uniform culture from branch to branch. At Musara and Company we believe that even though cash is king, customers is king-kong. The establishment of a Musaranation community starts with the right networks and synergies that come along with delighted customers

We seek to improve everyday as we focus on gaining a reasonable market-share in the steel industry.

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